Les Benjamins' FW20 Show Was Their Most Mature Collection To Date

22 January 2020
Style, Fashion, Streetwear, Catwalk, Les Benjamins, Paris Fashion Week
The streetwear label launched in Istanbul by Bunyamin Aydin just showed at Paris Fashion week

Shifting their brand of expertly tailored, lux- sportswear up a gear, Les Benjamins threw in old-school trimmings with the new school direction. It meant that tailored tracksuits came in rich colours, worn with patinated leather shoes. Denim workwear was lifted with the inclusion of a banana-milkshake-officer’s coat — that colour weaving its way through the collection like a dose of sugar in the bloodstream— and silhouettes got loose, too.

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GQ Middle East’s resident DJ and party starter, Karrouhat, walked the runway and his inclusion in the line-up, as one of the Middle East’s most unique dressers, speaks volumes about the brand’s direction

All sent down the runway on a series of well-trodden rugs, flanked either side by one of the week’s vibiest front rows, it’s clear that Les Benjamins is making an impact in the right places.

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Presenting men’s and women’s in one show, the Les Benjamins lady is someone who can wear the hell out of a statement dress. Stood behind her is her effortlessly underdressed other-half.

Where fabrics were used to create modern tailoring for women, on men it made zip up tops or sportswear two-pieces.

The contrast is striking but speaks to the way couples have dressed for, well, ever really.

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Having said that, the closing look, a black, tailored leather suit with matching boots looked so strong you almost wished they’d had the Les Benjamins guy make as much effort as his better half.

No matter. Les Benjamins tracksuits are a favourite in this office and if their punchy leather and crushed velvet tailoring is as good as their leisure-wear we’re going to want all of it.