Look Out MJ: Reebok Is Re-Releasing Its 2018 USA Track Jacket

11 May 2020
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In The Last Dance documentary, Michael Jordan admitted he draped the American flag over his shoulder so as to cover the Reebok logo on the jacket. Now, the brand is getting back at him

While social distancing regulations and isolation look different around the world, one thing that you can pretty much guarantee is that when it comes to entertainment, The Last Dance has served global audiences well. With professional sports seasons postponed, as well as the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, there’s been a huge void left in our lives – one that no amount of FIFA can fill. But thankfully, the release of Netflix’s 10-part documentary detailing the magnificence and tribulations of the Chicago Bulls during the 1997-98 NBA season, has provided us all with sporting highs and entertaining gossip.

In one episode that details the incredibly American basketball team that went to compete in the 1992 Olympics, Jordan drapes an American flag over his shoulder during the medal ceremony in a bid to cover the Reebok logo on his team USA warmup kit. It was a deliberate decision from Jordan, who was signed with Nike at the time, and an attempt to exercise brand loyalty.

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In an interview with the Chicago Tribune on July 31, 1992, Nike’s director of sports marketing, Steve Miller, said: “Michael is a very interesting individual, one with a very strong value system. These individuals are just that, individuals. People think we have tremendous control over their lives. We do have business relationships with them. But we can’t dictate what they do.”

Not content to sit back and let MJ do all the talking, Reebok seems to be trolling the now retired athlete, with the company deciding to reissue the jacket worn by the athletes at the 1992 ceremony. The jacket was first reissued in 2018, with the updated version being inspired by the ’92 warmups. Now, they’re official bringing it back, allowing customers to purchase the track jacket on the company’s website from May 8.

There are still four more episodes to go in The Last Dance, with the documentary drawing on decades-old film and interviews. With the episodes being released in two instalments every week, audiences are gearing up for what promises to be an explosive finale. But so far, we’ve already garnered greater insight into what it was like to be Michael Jordan in the ‘90s, a time where the phrase “I want to be like Mike” was etched on everyone’s consciousness.

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There’s no denying that Jordan is the G.O.A.T, and The Last Dance shows with great clarity just how much responsibility the star player carried as he was the greatest player in the game and, by extension, the most famous person in the world.

To purchase Reebok’s USA track jacket, visit reebok.com.

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