Louis Vuitton Are Making A $900 Face Visor

15 September 2020
Louis Vuitton, Coronavirus, Covid-19, Visor, Face Mask, PPE
Louis Vuitton
This is high-end PPE

Who says PPE can’t be chic? Not Louis Vuitton, who have announced they will be producing a clear plastic face visor for those who want to avoid catching the coronavirus and remain on trend.

It was inevitable, really. Like face masks, visors are the latest piece of now increasingly important equipment that is undergoing the designer treatment.

The LV Shield is not like other visors, though. For starters, its plastic visor is photochromatic, which means it will react to sunlight and transition from clear to dark in the sunshine. The visor is also trimmed with Vuitton’s monogram.

The visor is then secured to your head with a monogrammed, elasticated strap, secured via black metallic studs, which are, naturally, monogrammed.

Vuitton were one of the first fashion houses to transition to making PPE at the peak of the coronavirus pandemic, producing gowns from its atelier in rue du Pont Neuf for Hôpitaux de Paris.

The LV Shield will be available from October 30 in selected Louis Vuitton stores, and will retail for $961 US (3529 AED).