Louis Vuitton Rainbow Is All About The Good Vibes

27 June 2019
Louis Vuitton, Virgil Abloh, Sunglasses
The new collection of sunglasses is part of Virgil Abloh’s all-inclusive style statement

What your sunglasses say about you is a question we think you’ve rarely thought too much about, but then you’re not Virgil Abloh are you?

The rainbow that dominated the Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2019 show, both on the runway floor and as the predominant visual metaphor for the collection, forms the starting point for this line. It is a message of inclusivity. The broad range of colours available represents the celebration of difference and variety that defines LV Men’s Artistic Director, Abloh’s vision – welcoming all into the Louis Vuitton community, while celebrating a new era in menswear.

Louis Vuitton Rainbow

Fully crafted in Italy, two styles of sunglasses, both interpretations of classic shapes, are available in a spectrum of colours. The square fit comes in black, camel, red and yellow while the pilot style comes in crystal, blue and orange.

Louis Vuitton Rainbow

Within this breadth of choice, a style and shape can be found to fit and compliment any face. Each pair is crafted using an intricate injecting technique. This allows for malleability when creating shape and results in the sunglasses being made entirely from one integrated piece, except for the hinges. Crafted in transparent solid nylon, both styles feature a striking gradient detail; colour fades out from the temple into a new tone. Red becomes orange. Orange becomes yellow. Yellow becomes green. Blue becomes violet. Additionally, neutral colours are included – camel, crystal and black. Rendered without a gradient, these nod to key shades used by Abloh in his debut show for Louis Vuitton. Six lenses are black, to highlight the striking colour of the frames while the clear crystal style comes with silver mirror lenses.

Louis Vuitton Rainbow

Using the same innovative injection technique as the frame, the hinges are inspired by the S-Lock, an emblematic detail for Louis Vuitton, notoriously featured on the iconic Millionaire sunglasses, designed in collaboration with Pharrell and Nigo and first introduced by the House in 2004. Virgil Abloh paid tribute with a new take, the 1.1 Millionaire, in the Spring/Summer 2019 Louis Vuitton show. Inspired by the early trunks’ signature, the S Lock was originally pioneered by Louis Vuitton in the 1980’s as a seamless mechanism for securing business brief cases.