Louis Vuitton’s Sneaker Trunk Takes Box Fresh To New Heights

10 December 2019
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Image: Louis Vuitton

Forget Polaroids stuck to shoeboxes, this is the only way to store your kicks

Taking the concept of keeping your sneakers box-fresh to a whole new level, Louis Vuitton unveiled their Sneaker Trunk and Sneaker Box at Atleier Louis Vuitton in Miami this week and we’re not ashamed to say that we want them. Both.

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Representing not only a perfect intersection between Vuitton’s fine luggage making heritage and its pioneering streetwear future, these two new pieces of luggage also embody the pinnacle of streetwear aspiration. Because in order to even dream of justifying a purchase like this, you need a sneaker collection worth storing in it.

Not for the Louis Vuitton Sneaker trunk your scruffy old Converse or beaten up Hi-Tech Silver Shadows, no. This is a storage solution for grail-level sneakers only. Think Oreo Yeezys, Nike Mags and, naturally, Off White collabs.

But enough about the theory, let’s look at the hardware. The Sneaker Trunk has double doors that open up to reveal drawers for up to 8 pairs of high-tops and six low-tops. There’s dual angle mirrors in which to execute a full crep check before leaving your hotel room, plus extra storage for the usual: shoe bags, spare laces and cleaning brushes.

The Sneaker Box is an altogether more select affair. Ideal for the weekend traveler, with room for just one pair of sneakers, the hard-sided, monogrammed box allows you to carry your favourite kicks around in complete safety. Crucially, the clear front panel means they’ll be en route and en display at the same time. The magnetic slope built into the box also hides two secret drawers in which to store ‘shoe care essentials’. Donated organs don’t get this level of attention.

Naturally, the trunk and box are both made to order, which avoids the possibility of an impulse purchase. For more information, visit LouisVuitton.com