Marc Jacobs Returns With A New Menswear Collection

08 December 2019
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The Marc Jacobs Collection is collaboration and classic menswear heavy

Former Louis Vuitton Creative Director Marc Jacobs has returned to menswear after several years, with the low-key launch of a new line: The Marc Jacobs Collection.

The 17-item resort season comes under the Marc Jacobs Collection label and was prompted by Jacobs noticing that men were buying large sizes of his Peanuts sweater. Talking to WWD, Jacobs said:

“We have great pieces, exciting collaborations and had a big response with the launch of The Marc Jacobs from guys wanting the ‘Peanuts’ sweatshirts, the we thought why not pick some of the key pieces and offer them in men’s sizing.”

Alongside the Peanuts sweater the Resort collection also includes a tweed jacket, carpenter pants and ‘The Ultimate Hoodie’, as well as T-shirts featuring the New York magazine logo.

For pre-fall, the next drop is collaboration heavy and sees Jacobs working with Stutterheim on a raincoat, and Armour-Lux on a Breton striped top.

As usual with Jacobs, this latest collection is full of classic menswear items that have been tweaked and tinkered with, to elevate them above the ordinary. Its basis is American sportswear, which Jacobs mastered at Perry Ellis and then subverted with his infamous Grunge collection in 1993. Although the collection— which included Converse and Dr Martens, beanie hats and flannel shirts— lead to him being fired, it changed the notion of what could be counted as ‘luxury fashion’.

Skip forward a quarter of a century and its now sportswear- track pants and zip tops, gym shorts and hoodies- providing the luxury shake up, but the principle remains the same: It doesn’t have to be high-end to make it high fashion.