Mena Massoud Is Killing The Red Carpet Game In Givenchy

23 May 2019
Style, Fashion, Mena Massoud
The Egyptian-Canadian actor is quickly becoming a fixture on our style radar

It can’t be easy being at the centre of attention during a major press junket, especially when you’re the star of a Disney remake. But the lead actor of the live-action adaptation of Aladdin – set to be released in the US on May, 24 – seems to be taking it in stride.

And if his style swerves on the red carpet are any indication of his rising star power, Mena Massoud is absolutely on the right track.

The 27-year-old has been bringing it as he jets from continent to continent to promote the soon-to-be blockbuster film – and he’s chosen French fashion house Givenchy to help him make his mark.

Mena Massoud Is Killing The Red Carpet Game In Givenchy

At the Los Angeles premiere of Aladdin, Massoud rocked up in a Givenchy fall/winter 2019 look designed by Clare Waight Keller. The outfit was the perfect mix of fashion-forward and super chic meets red carpet appropriate sans all the predictability of a black and white tux.

Instead of taking himself too seriously (and what for?), Massoud’s fit injected all the fun and fantasy that felt suitable to the film: a sparkly bronze and petrol blue wool jacket over a black shirt embroidered with mother of pearl buttons was grounded by black wool trousers and shiny black leather derbies with a Velco strap on the front. We say: nailed it.

But this isn’t Massoud’s first time at the (Givenchy) rodeo. Earlier this month, at the Paris premiere, the actor showed us just how much fun he’s having with fashion in a spring/summer 2019 look that saw him get a little into character without falling into kitsch territory.

Mena Massoud Is Killing The Red Carpet Game In Givenchy

That night, Massoud wore a black suit embroidered with falling silver threads over a black poplin shirt and black calf leather ankle boots. Again: bravo to bold menswear moves.

If there’s one thing that’s certain it’s that Massoud is well aware of what a movie of this stature can do for his career and he’s using fashion to count in his favour. More importantly, he's having fun while he's at it.