Obama's Iconic Bomber Jacket Is Available Online Once More

05 September 2019
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As all eyes were on one of the NBA's hottest prospects at a game earlier this year, the ex-president's outerwear quietly stole the show

Barack Obama will, partly by default and partly through his own doing, inevitably go down as the most stylish presidents of modern times.

He just seems to have a knack for doing stuff that embodies old-school cool – from routinely balling out on the White House half-court, to emerging as one of the most prominent voices of political wisdom in his retirement. 

In this, Obama has seemingly figured out a way to steal the show whenever he arrives at a major event. He exudes charisma even when he doesn't mean to, but he turned particular heads when, back in February, he arrived at the UNC-Duke college basketball game in a fit that most men half his age would be envious of.

(Image: Courtesy of David Jones)

Before him, the thought of an ex-politician stepping out looking like Obama did was almost incomprehensible. But he pulled it off with such aplomb, more than a few eyes were still trained on him when Zion Williamson went down in the now-infamous broken Nike incident just eight seconds in.

The jacket, which formed the centrepiece of the fit, proved to be a Manston Jacket by New York-based high-end streetwear line Rag & Bone, which has carved itself out a solid niche in the market by creating well-made, understated statement pieces that favour quality over showmanship. Weaved from a high-quality nylon and fitted with Riri zippers on both the ring-pull and the jacket front, it's a testament to old school-build quality.

(Image: Courtesy of David Jones)

It was apparently made by Rag & Bone specifically for Obama somewhere in his second term, with the number 44 (a number to his status as 44th President of the US) embroidered on the sleeve.

However as Marcus Wainwright, the founder and chief brand officer at Rag & Bone, told  GQ earlier this year, he never expected the President to wear it out in public.

(Image: Courtesy of David Jones)

“I hadn’t forgotten about it, but I wasn’t necessarily waiting [for it to appear],” Wainwright explained. “I wasn’t expecting him to wear it in public. I thought maybe he's wearing it on the weekends or at home. I was hoping that he was wearing it.”

"The ‘44’ on the sleeve just felt like a subtle touch,” he continued. “Not many people could have pulled it off that way. He's got style."

(Image: Courtesy of David Jones)

Rag & Bone's stocks of the jacket plummeted globally as soon as word of the jacket's origin got out, however it's since received a restock. Even better, there's still ample supply Down Under, as David Jones are carrying it now for $749.00. You can even Afterpay it.

Via GQ Australia