Odell Beckham Jr, NFL, Formula 1, Lewis Hamilton, Winnie Harlow
Images: Felix Dickinson

Odell Beckham Jr Just Colour-Matched With A Ferrari Supercar

29 May 2019
It was a grail-level flex to celebrate Lewis Hamilton’s F1 win at Monte Carlo

As we’re moving slowly towards the weekend, here’s something to aim for. Last Sunday, the New York Giants superstar Odell Beckham Jr spent the day celebrating Lewis Hamilton’s win at the Monte Carlo Grand Prix. He drove supercars around the legendary track – with none other than Jean Alesi – and hung out with Canadian model Winnie Harlow. Not a bad day’s work, right?

Odell Beckham f1

But what we love most is that in a fashion flex of epic proportions, the guy actually took the time to colour-match with his supercar… he matched with a car! But then I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised at such elite-level accessorising, Beckham’s style game has been on point for some time now.

A first round draft pick for the Giants in 2014 – he reportedly signed a five-year $95m contract extension in August of last year – Beckham has proved one of the most popular and accomplished players in the NFL, but it’s his weird and wonderful fits that have brought wider appeal.

Odell Beckham and Winnie Harlow f1

It’s wise, at this point, to remember that the NBA this ain’t. You won’t find any lingering pap shots of Tom Brady walking to the locker room sporting grail-level gear, and the chances of Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly sitting front row next to Anna Wintour any time soon are slim to none.

So, when it comes to the NFL, and with apologies to Antonio Brown, it can occasionally feel like the dazzling wide receiver has brought the drip almost single-handedly. Not convinced? Let’s talk about the Off-White x Nike poncho, the cream double-breasted jacket and white polo neck from Calvin Klein… how about that head-to-toe Fendi look – including logoed Jason Voorhees-style Friday The 13th mask?

OK, so last weekend in Monte Carlo it was a more relaxed look, but he was still on point, sporting a neat pair of Converse, monogrammed Louis Vuitton sweater and an orange Richard Mille watch, more than a match for the most stylised F1 race of the year.

We’ve decided that we’re using Beckham’s weekend as a template for how to get business done right on our days off. Now, if we can only find a look that matches with a beat-up Mazda.