Raf Simons Is Set To Launch His Own Sport-Inspired Sneaker Line

07 January 2020
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The line reimagines typical sports sneakers and might even have a futuristic and space-age theme

Since Raf Simons founded his eponymous, gender-blurred menswear brand in 1995, the designer and his pursuits have been the subject of great fascination, a cult-like following, and numerous attempts by others to replicate and reproduce similar items. Of course, no one ever gets close to doing the latter as to do so would require you have something intangible: Simons’ whim.

He’s had the kind of career that most aspiring fashion designers can only dream of, and that those in the industry can only work harder to achieve. After successful showings at every major fashion week, Simons headed up womenswear at Dior where, over a three-year period, sales rose 60 per cent. He was then announced as the chief creative officer of Calvin Klein, allowing him to oversee al aspects of Design, Global Marketing and Communications, and Visual Creative Services. While Simons has injected his personality into every endeavour, none have been quite so successful and universally recognised as his partnership with Adidas.

Even Kanye West looks up to the designer which is huge, considering Kanye West rarely looks up to anyone. In 2008, West interviewed Simons for Interview where he said the designer had inspired his fourth studio album, 808s & Heartbreak. Later in 2015, he cited Simons as a primary influence for his first runway collection, Yeezy Season 1.

But fans of the designer, like Kanye, will be excited to know another footwear line from Raf Simons is on the cards. The highly esteemed designer has announced news of an upcoming line of “sportswear influenced” footwear, simply titled RAF SIMONS (RUNNER). Set to be unveiled at the designer’s Autumn/Winter 2020 collection in Paris later this month, it’s believed that the footwear designs will include eight new styles. While no images have been released just yet, Simons did go so far as unveiling the names of the products and as fans have been quick to note, there seems to be a futuristic and space-age theme that the designer is leaning into, with references to Battlestar Galactica and 2001: A Space Odyssey in reference to Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 film.

Such iconic references are reinforced in the footwear names SOLARIS, ANTEI, CYLON, ORION and 2001. According to High Snobiety, the footwear line is “an investigation of form and functions, as well as an exploration of shape. The line reimagines typical sports sneakers, as the name of each silhouette hints at the process behind them.”

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The publication also goes on to add, “The collection places a focus on natural materials including leather and suede. The sneakers also incorporate various technical innovations and strong colour schemes.”

Via GQ Australia