Saint Laurent Have Come Out With The Most Saint Laurent Christmas Gift Collection Ever

17 December 2019
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Images: Courtesy of Saint Laurent
Featuring a neon-lit Christmas tree that'll set you back a cool $5,600

 If there's one thing that we've routinely learned over the years, it's that you're never too cool to get into the christmas spirit. You're never too 'fashun'. Never too chic. Never too above it all. We're sure that even Anna Wintour or Karl Lagerfeld have indulged in Buble's christmas album at one point or another.

We often see those in the world of high fashion go a little bit crazy to celebrate the Yuletide, especially when there's a chance that it'll make them a shit-ton of money from obscenely wealthy gift-buyers. Tiffany & Co's $100,000 advent calendar should be all the evidence you need of that. But even the standard bearers for monochrome Parisian cool Saint Laurent can seemingly get into the festive cheer, as they've used their conceptual Rive Droite retail arm to launch a set of very Saint Laurent and Very expensive gifts. And naturally, we want them all.

As we touched on, the gift collection has been launched through Rive Droite — a series of conceptual retial spaces that Saint Laurent have set up to highlight projects they've worked on with different brands, spanning the realms of tech, sport, homewares, and stationary.

This means it generally stocks more obscure pieces designed by market-leading brands, often with a Saint Laurent twist. And the gift collection is no exception, highlighted by a set of murdered-out, handcrafted skis made in collaboration with Swiss manufacturer Zai. The cost? Just under $17,000.

Amongst some of the more christmas-centric gifts on offer include a made-to-order Christmas tree adorned with neon ornaments, a pair of snow globes, two arcade machines, and embossed leather chocolate boxes to store one's Quality Street in. Other highlights include homewares by Baccarat, Tsubota lighters and sets of mugs and saucers by J.L. Coquet.

You can check out the entire Saint Laurent crimbo collection at Saint Laurent Rive Droite's website. Some of it is available to pre-order now, while other pieces are in-store exclusives. Still, if you're in Paris for a boujee christmas, you could do far worse than a Saint Laurent Christmas tree, am I right?

Via GQ Australia