Jewellery For Men: Show Your Metal

16 February 2020
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With or without a backstory, jewels are the easiest style upgrade to make right now. Ready to flash some ice? Just start here

Heavy Drip

Looking for a way to make a statement? Heavier is better. You don’t need a Roc Nation contract to pull thick chains off: just a get-outta-the-way attitude and an appropriately fly fit.

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Jacket, $1825, Gucci at Matches Fashion. T-shirt, $605, Louis Vuitton. Chains (top to bottom), price on request, Bottega Veneta, $1100, Louis Vuitton. Necklace, $375, Tiffany & Co.

Go Weave-y

These aren’t the woven bracelets you wore in primary school. Cleaner and fresher, they’re still polished enough for a shirt and lace-ups.

T-shirt, $605, Louis Vuitton. Chain, price on request, Bottega Veneta. Bracelets, $245 each, Prada

Bling Ring

Layering is no longer just meant for clothing. With a simple stack – whether across your hand, or on a single finger – rings can go from subtle touch to all-out statement.

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Blazer, shirt, prices on request, rings (right hand), $470 each, rings (left hand), first, $370, second, $470, third, $470, fourth, $470, fifth, $470, bracelet (left arm), $1100, price on request, bracelets (right arm, top to bottom), $890, $515, Gucci

Wrist Action

A bare wrist is doing you zero favours. Embrace the bracelet – solo or stacked. Whether leather, gold or silver, they’ll pair just as well with weekend basics as a suit.

Sweater, $340, trousers, $340, Sandro. Bracelet (left arm), price on request, Bottega Veneta. Bracelets (right arm, top to bottom), price on request, Hermès, $1300, Tiffany & Co., $770, Hermès, $330, Fendi

Sweater, $340, trousers, $295, Sandro. Rings (right hand), first, $1200, second, $1250,  bracelets (right hand, top to bottom), $5200, $6800, Tiffany & Co. Bracelets (left hand, top to bottom), prices on request, Hermès

Hang Up

The easiest way to dip your toe in the shimmery jewellery waters is a necklace – worn under or over a tee. Trust us: a conversation-starter pendant
will shine bright.

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Coat, $730, Sweater, $295, Sandro. Necklaces (top to bottom), $435, Fendi, price on request, Tiffany & Co., price on request, Dolce and Gabbana, price on request, Fendi. Rings (top to bottom), price on request, Bottega Veneta, price on request, Fendi

Styling: Rusty Beukes

Photography: Efraim Evidor

Model: Miles Abraham

Fashion Assistants: Zeyad Elkady, Monaliza Wahba

Production Assistant: Malaika Naik