Spring Gets Cool, Here's How You Can Too

11 June 2020
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Images: Eric White
All you need to do? Go pastel

Pastels for spring? Yes, indeed. The vibe? Equally blissed out blues, yellows, greens and of course pink. There’s absolutely nowhere spring’s quietly understated hues can’t take you.  Neutrals are no longer just for basics, they’re now taking centre stage.

 Jacket, shirt, prices on request, Casablanca. Tie, price on request, BOSS

They were all over the runway from Dior Men's reimagined newspaper print, to Paul Smith's pink suiting. Virgil Abloh's Louis Vuitton collection featured relaxed tailoring inspired by wildflowers, while Valentino had minty fresh accents throughout. We show you how to pull off your new go-to sorbet shades.

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 Shirt, shorts, prices on request, BOSS

Ease into it

Rather than throwing out your wardrobe and starting from scratch, introduce one-off pieces into your wardrobe: a minty fresh vacation shirt or a soft lemon trench. Make them your hero pieces, it's easier to pair them with colours and neutral pieces alike.


Pulling off head-to-toe pastel looks will require a little bravado and a whole lot of confidence. But when it's done well it looks effortless. Try pairing different shades of the same colour and break it up with a contrasting layering piece. That way you don't look like a walking Pantone chart.

Tailor it

Comfortable fits will signal to the world that you know what you're talking about while wavy silhouettes will keep your look modern. Go for a lightweight shirt and a relaxed trouser - you're sure to be the conversation starter.

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 Coat, knit, shorts, shoes, prices on request, Bottega Veneta

 Shirt, jacket, trousers, prices on request, Valentino

 Jacket, shirt, trousers, shoes, prices on request, Louis Vuitton

 Jacket, shirt, tie, trousers, shoes, prices on request, Gucci

 Jacket, vest, trousers, prices on request, Tom Ford. Jewellery, stylist’s own

 Coat, shirt, belt bag, trousers, shoes, prices on request, Dior Men

 Knit, shirt (over), shirt (under), necktie, trousers, shoes, prices on request, Prada

 Jacket, shirt, trousers, shoes, prices on request, Paul Smith. Jewellery, stylist’s own

Photography: Eric White

Styling: Tiffani Williams

Model: Hella Tall at Wilhelmina Models

Fashion Assistant: Marcus Elliott