Supreme’s SS20 Accessories Drop Is Here, And Features Actual Oreos

18 February 2020
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Images: Courtesy of Supreme
To eat, or not to eat?

We may well be staring down the barrel of the much-prophesied post-streetwear world and entering a time where hype isn't everything, but Supreme still wields an unrivalled ability to turn heads and inflame the senses of street style addicts around the world.

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Whether they always will is an entirely different matter, but as used to vast, sweeping collections of clothes and accessories with the high-skate brand's signature logos plastered all over them as we are, there will be people chomping at the bit to get their hands on them.

Part of the appeal over the years has come in the fact that Supreme use everyday items as sources of inspiration, being almost self-referential in the fact that something as simple as a ramen bowl or as mundane as a tool box can be have its identity radically altered when imbued with Supreme's trademark design.

As such, their accessory collection, done in collaboration with a whole host of brands across an ever-increasing range of consumer goods, always makes the most headlines.

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This season, off the back of releasing burner phones and dirt bikes towards the end of last year, 'preme have delivered their most eclectic line-up of accessories yet, spanning everything from their classic skate decks and accessories to Supreme-branded iterations of stuff that you'd simply never imagine. The collection also features what to our knowledge is Supreme's first branded edible item, in the form of a red, Supreme printed Oreo.

Focusing even more heavily on the mundane for this drop, Supreme have also taken the box logo to things like Zip Loc bags, Camp Chairs, Mugs and Lighters, while more showy accessories have arrived in the form of a giant tool box, an S&M Bikes BMX, a set of Leica Binoculars, A Fujifilm Instax camera, and B.B. Simon belts. For those really who want to show out, jewelry is also on offer in the form of gold chains, necklaces and rings.

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You can check out the entire collection below, and shop the launch at

Via GQ Australia