The 15 Best New Menswear Items To Buy This Week

17 November 2019
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6876 "Stapleton" raincoat
Major Glenn O'Brien energy. —Yang-Yi Goh

$675 at C'H'C'M'

BEAMS Plus Cashmere & Silk Sweater
You can never have too many cashmere sweaters, so I'll be adding this (and maybe picking some up for the guys in my life?) from the new BEAMS x Nordstrom collab to the roster ASAP. —Nikki Ogunnaike

$448 at Nordstrom

New Balance 990v5 sneakers
I've never been a New Balance guy, but this colorway—like a Neapolitan ice cream sandwich, but in grayscale—has me tempted to make the leap. —Sam Schube

$175 at Ssense

Acronym P33-DS
If you only buy one pair of pants for the rest of your life, these from Acronym wouldn't be a bad choice. —Chris Gayomali

$1,253 at Haven

Alex Mill cashmere beanie
Treat your head kindly this winter. —Sam Schube

$95 at Alex Mill

Salomon Snowcross ADV LTD sneaker
The only extreme sport I participate in is getting fits off. —Cam Wolf

$280 at Need Supply

A.P.C. x JJJJound Petit Standard jeans
This classic among classics got a couple subtle tweaks from everyone’s favorite Montreal design guru. —Yang-Yi Goh

$265 at A.P.C.

John Elliott Reversible Polar Fleece Jacket
Buffalo plaid fleece is the perfect choice for anyone who would like to project some outdoorsy wood-chopping energy while remaining extremely cozy indoors. —Martin Mulkeen

$548 at John Elliott

Muji "Labo" wide pants
I would like to swim in these pants. By "swim," I of course mean "wear with a heavy coat and long underwear because New York in November is cold." —Daniel Varghese

$90 at Muji

Ralph Lauren Denim Flag Bear watch
Where will the Polo Bear pop up next? How about on a new collection of watches? The "Denim Flag Bear" is directly inspired by an advertisement Ralph Lauren appeared in in 1989 that was set at his Colorado ranch. The Denim Flag Bear is also my best friend in the entire world. —Cam Wolf

$1,950 at Ralph Lauren

Woolrich buttonup shirt with suede collar
Partly including this because it looks warm and soft, but mostly because Woolrich calls this color “Parmesan” and I’m hungry as hell right now. —Yang-Yi Goh

$325 at Woolrich

Noah belted coat
I need another winter coat like I need a hernia. But I'd much rather buy this coat than get a hernia. —Sam Schube

$1,498 at Noah

Engineered Garments beret
I’ve officially been working at GQ I-think-I-can-maybe-pull-off-a-beret months long. —Yang-Yi Goh

$120 at Totokaelo

Best Made "Mallmann's" night shirt
Scroooooooooge...tonight you'll be visited by the ghosts of big fits past. —Daniel Varghese

$268 at Best Made

Ralph Lauren Polo Bear sweater
It appears...Ralph Lauren reprised...the iconic "Downtown" bear...and no one told me. Excuse my French but what the enfer, guys????? The Downtown Bear—easily the Polo Bear most likely to take exactly one (1) Art History class in college, move to lower Manhattan (rent paid by parents), and center his entire personality around aforementioned Art History class—is a Polo Bear grail. The original version was allegedly released in 1994—previous versions of the wallet-chained pinstriped-pants Downtown Bears appear on grey cashmere turtlenecks (see it on Fabolous at the end of his "Baby" music video). New to this version: the monogrammed velvet slippers and the RL Strirrup watch. Top-notch bear. —Cam Wolf

$400 at Mr Porter

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