The '90s NBA Jerseys We Want To See Brought Back ASAP

03 September 2019
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With news that both Toronto and the Grizzlies are reviving their most iconic retro unis in the upcoming season, these are the reboots Nike should focus on next

As with football, the '90s was a time when the natural swagger and showmanship of the NBA was truly allowed to flourish for the first time. It manifested itself on the court in the rise of Athletes like Michael Jordan and off-the-court as athletes like Shaquille O'Neal and Scottie Pippen began to take on a new level of celebrity, but it also came to define an era when the identity of NBA teams themselves were more boldly embraced than they ever had been before.

For many people, the most iconic signifier of this comes in the form of the Uniforms worn at the time – design masterpieces of loud branding, OTT logos, jazzy colouring and tonal finishes in purple, teal and orange. It made for an intoxicating mix and cemented '90s basketball style as one of the true great fashion moments in all of sport.

Finally though, after a two-decade cooling-off period which saw Reebok and Adidas produce some of the most boring NBA uniforms ever made, we're finally seeing teams embrace their past identities once more.

Most recently, both the Memphis Grizzlies and Toronto Raptors have announced they'll be bringing back the uniforms they wore in the mid-to-late '90s, with a fondness for the aesthetic of the period plain to see in the way each announcement has been praised by fans. But the NBA's record in that decade still leaves a treasure trove of iconic uniforms that, in our eyes, need to be revived. These are some of our favourites.

Milwaukee Bucks 1992 & 1997

We're big fans of the bottle green and gold scheme that the Bucks have adopted in recent years. It was the perfect way to modernise the brand, but the flash of purple that the team abandoned back in the mid '00s made for some of the most unique strips of the decade.

A special mention also needs to go to the multi-toned affairs that Milwaukee donned in the early '90s.

Atlanta Hawks 1996-1999

The hawks have quite rightly returned to a more minimalist aesthetic inspired by the '80s, but the ATL's uniforms of the mid-late '90s were some of the boldest exercises in printing ever to hit the NBA.

Chicago Bulls 1995-1996

Sure' it's been released as a throwback a ton of times, but not since the days of MJ, Rodman and Pippen have the Bulls actually stepped out onto the court in the iconic red-pinstriped uniform that the team wore on road games to such success once upon a time. Maybe they're waiting for a time when they're staring into the face of a winning season to bring them back.

Utah Jazz 1997-2004

The alpine aesthetic of the Jazz's late '90s uniforms will always be synonymous with John Stockton, the Flu Game and the '98 finals, but however painful it may be for long-time Jazz fans, it's time for a re-run. Peak '90s.

Detroit Pistons 1995-2001

We probably weren't ready for the return of the musclehead branding that defined the Detroit Pistons' teal era in the late '90s, but we're calling it – we are now. Safe to say they were drinking the 98 Octane Kool-Aid in this era, however given the demise of the city's once-great auto industry, it might be too soon to deviate from the more storied red, blue and white colourway they've since returned to.

Philadelphia Sixers 1995-2001

Large swathes of the US have moved on from the brand of patriotism that the Sixers' uniforms were giving off in the early '90s, but we can't resist the urge to call for a return to the rather cute stars and stripes once more.

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