Three Middle Eastern Designers To Watch at LFWM

05 January 2020
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Image: Maja Smiejkowska

London Fashion Week Men’s is underway and with it, a host of Middle Eastern and Arabic designers show their latest collections

From the UAE’s most accomplished designer in the late Khalid Al-Qasimi to new Saudi talent, London Fashion Week men’s features some bright Middle Eastern talent. Here's who to watch this week.


Showing today at 20.00 UAE time, this is Qasimi’s first show since the untimely death of its founder, Khalid Al-Qasimi in July 2019. Khalid’s twin sister, Hoor Al-Qasimi, announced she would be taking the reigns later that year, in order to continue her brother’s work. Speaking to GQ Middle East, when Khalid Al-Qasimi was awarded a posthumous prize at our Men of the Year Awards, Hoor said:

“This much I know, right now: the fashion world has lost someone with a unique vision, someone who stands up for what they believe in, someone with incredible taste and a most beautiful soul. I still can’t believe he’s gone. That’s why it would be a shame not to continue his legacy. I believe in what he was doing, he worked so hard and gave up so much to focus on this.”

The work of the UAE’s most accomplished fashion designer lives on.

Paria Farzaneh

English born Iranian designer Paria Farzaneh mixes British streetwear with Persian textiles, especially Boteh (or Paisley) print sourced from Isfahan.

Sarah Mower, writing for Vogue said of Farzaneh’s show.

“The political relevance of the performance only provided an exaggerated context for the point Farzaneh continually puts over—that of welcoming people to the dignity of her culture, and the peaceful sharing of ordinary human values. “In uncertain times, it’s good to have a moment of celebration, of calm,” she said. “It’s a time to come together, to remember where you come from. Even though I was born here [in England], I have been to Iran every year of my life. I feel I am doing them proud, speaking for them, and that’s important to me.”


Saudi designer Talal Hizami founded Pacifism in 2018. Despite having no formal design training, Hizami makes his debut at London fashion week this season. With a collection made of menswear classics and streetwear, Hizami aims to buck the traditional menswear seasons and focus on clothing that is timeless instead. Think sportswear and soft-tailoring in bright colours and elaborate prints.