The Best Dad Sneakers to Buy

20 June 2019
Dad Sneakers, Sneakers
How to navigate the chunky era of trainers

News alert: the dad sneaker has dominated men’s style, from runway to subway. Every brand and their off-shoot has embraced a trainer with a chunky shoe, all part of menswear’s delirious (and totally GQ-approved) throwback to ’90s era cool.

And hey, we hear you: the dad sneaker can be an intimidating, or flat-out off-putting proposition. (Our style columnist, Tan France, broke down his journey to his first pair of chunky sneakers in his very first GQ essay.)

The key to styling? It’s all in the proportions. When you go big with the shoes, make the rest of the outfit follow…lest you want to strut around with clownish proportions. So! Throw away the skinny jeans, and swerve towards a wider leg, an oversized tee, and a look on your face that’s wholly unabashed.

When you’re ready to wade into the waters, here are the very best dad sneakers to buy, right now.



Balenciaga Triple S sneakers
The daddiest of dad sneakers, these Balenciagas have become ubiquitous amongst the Hypebeast and Hypebeast-adjacent crowds. Probably the most on-trend way to lengthen out your frame – Triple S stands for Triple Sole, after all.

$811, Matches Fashion


Gucci Rhyton sneakers
It’s wild to say, but Gucci’s take on the chunky sneaker is more subdued than most. It rocks a distinctly neutral colour palette, making it a sure bet for versatility – although there’s no mistaking that patented Gucci colour duo.

$951, Matches Fashion

Adidas x Raf Simons

Raf Simons x Adidas Ozweego sneakers
Leave it to Raf to take things in an intergalactic direction. A supremely comfy (and metallic) way to get around town.

$379, Matches Fashion

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen Runner sneakers
Not vibing the hiking-meets-’90s-mall vibes you’re seeing elsewhere? McQueen have a chunky-yet-minimalist trainer for you. After all, white will never steer you astray.

$723, Matches Fashion


AMI Lucky 9 Runner sneakers
Leave it to AMI to do things with an extra touch of Parisian polish. Yeah, these are dad sneakers, but the clash of suede and mesh will ensure that you’ll be a cut above the rest.

$479, Matches Fashion

Common Projects

Common Projects New Track sneakers
What does a super-considered dad sneaker look like? CP have an idea. We’ll always remember 2019 as the year we could rock a maximalist trend and a CP serial number, all at once.

$465, Matches Fashion


Burberry Regis sneakers
Kids with Velcro straps ruled the playground for a reason – now you can rock them into adulthood, replete with a Burberry logo. A sneaky bonus of these? They’re smart enough to rock with a suit, but chunky enough to work with anything else.

$610, Matches Fashion

Maison Margiela

Maison Margiela Fusion sneakers
Ready to dial up a swervy trend to 11? These have got you. Maybe you’re asking, “Can I really pull off chunky yellow and turquoise dad sneakers that have glue coming down the sides?” Well, we’d answer your question with another question: “Why the heck not?”

$1,508, Matches Fashion