The Five Shirts That Will Complete Your Summer Style

30 June 2019
Gucci, Dries Van Noten, Prada, J Crew, Vetements
The best way to handle the rising temperatures? Style it out in short sleeves

As a heatwave spreads across Europe and the Middle East is, well, having a typically scorching summer, your best style move is to ensure your sleeves are short.

But there are important choices to be made here. Subtle choices that can mean the difference between six identikit tees that lose shape in a week and an all-encompassing wardrobe that works from beach to restaurant to club.

Summer shirts

1. The Classic Tee

Shirts like this one from J Crew are reasonably priced and will go perfectly with the rest of your wardrobe. Whether wearing it with toned down board shorts, jeans or chinos you’ll look the part. These are great items to stock up on in a variety of colours and, to smarten the look up, simply add an open short-sleeved shirt. And talking of which…

$36, J Crew at Mr Porter

Summer shirts Gucci

2.  The Statement Shirt

You can occasionally walk a fine line between success and failure in a short sleeved shirt. Get things wrong here and you run the risk of looking like an on-duty bus driver. Our advice? Go big or go home. A patterned shirt like this from Gucci will hold your outfit together, meaning you just need to add some plain tailored shorts or trousers, pair with sandals or white sneakers and you’re set

$1100, Gucci at Mr Porter

Summer shirts Dries Van Noten

3. The On-Trend Tee

We’re in the midst of a grunge revival in menswear right now, so show your style chops with a nod to the runway with this Dries Van Noten tie-dye tee. For overall success, pair it with jeans, battered converse and a zero-care attitude.

$350, Dris Van Noten at Mr Porter

Summer shirts Prada

4. The Knit

Yeah, we get it, the mercury’s rising like nobody’s business, but you can still get away with some lightweight knit. This Prada shirt really elevates the polo style and takes you into classics territory as opposed to displaced Mod territory. Add tailored trousers and a pair of loafers for early evening vacation style.

$645, Prada at Matches Fashion

Summer shirts Vetements

5. The Slogan Tee

Sometimes you need to state your intent clearly, and the slogan style is an offshoot of the logo mania that we’re still fully gripped by. But remember this, if you’re going big up top, remember to be subtle everywhere else.

$345, Vetements at Matches Fashion