The GQ & A: The Future Of Footwear With Tod's No_Code Creative Director, Yong Bae Seok

13 November 2019
Tods, Sneakers, GQ & A, No Code, Footwear
GQ Middle East sat down with the man responsible for revolutionising Tod's, the storied Italian footwear brand

What to do if you're a footwear brand with a rich history making stylish leather loafers, and the world suddenly decides that sneakers are now acceptable footwear to do business in? Suddenly, smart-casual shoes look like they're on their way to obsalesence as sneakers infiltrate boardrooms, members clubs, hotels and offices.

The answer, if you're Tod's, is to think outside the box. That's why they decided to pick the brains of man with a background in automotive and industrial design.

Yong Bae Seok was challenged by the company to marry the best of what Tod's already offer with a more contemporary, sneaker influenced silhouette. The result was originally called the Shoeker, a rather on-the-nose name for what is essentially a very stylish hybrid shoe. Now renamed the No_Code, these hybrids are in their third iteration.

GQ Middle East sat down with Seok ahead of the launch of the No_Code 3 to talk about dress codes and the future of footwear.