The One Forever-True Rule Of Menswear

By GQ Staff
13 October 2019
Style, Fashion, Red Carpet, Suits, Naoki Kobayashi, Big Fits, Tom Ford
Image: Getty Images
Naoki Kobayashi and his #BigFitoftheDay know it. Do you?

Say you're Japanese superstar dancer, model, and actor Naoki Kobayashi. Say you're starring in a new Netflix film called Earthquake Bird. Say Earthquake Bird marks your attempt to cross over into the international market. Say Earthquake Bird is premiering at the BFI London Film Festival, and say that you, this being your big across-the-pond break, want to make an impression. You would do well to follow this one perfect, essential, never-been-wrong rule of menswear: when in doubt, wear Tom Ford. Kobayashi did, and here we are.

Specifically, Kobayashi wore Look 33 from the designer's Fall/Winter 2019 collection—the one in stores now. It's specific to the season—that marble print!—but fits easily into Ford's whole thing: blindingly luxurious tailoring, the kind of suits you wear and find that a movie premiere (starring you!) has broken out around you. So, once more for those in the back: when in doubt, wear Tom Ford.

Via GQ