The Rimowa x Moncler Luggage Collection Is So Extra You'd Feel Bad Taking It On A Plane

23 February 2020
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Equipped with an LED screen, just so everyone knows how much you're showing out

Moncler's 'Genius' collaborations have become some of the hottest sources of boundary-pushing fashion over the past few years, with designers like Craig Green, JW Anderson and Simone Rocha all having teamed up with the Italian brand to produce statement pieces that re-imagine the technical and aesthetic limits of what traditional pieces can do. It's resulted in some truly awe-inspiring collections and pieces, from the Uber plush vibes of the JW Anderson collab to the functional focus in Craig Green's collection.

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Now, Moncler's latest collab seeks to redefine the capabilities of luggage, offering a thoroughly extravagant, futuristic take on Rimowa's iconic collection of high-fashion suitcases and bags.

Moncler, which has embraced an industrial aesthetic in many of its collections and collaborations before, has used Rimowa's legendary aluminum suitcases as its main sources of inspiration, making what they call the "Reflection" case.

Designed as a reflecion of the thoughts and sentiment that a lot of people have whilst in transit and while in airports in particular, each bit of the case is designed as a nod to the emotion of travel. The LED screen installed in the case is programmable, conceptualised to broadcast the emotions of the traveller.

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"Identifying the tendency for people to broadcast their innermost thoughts online, “Reflection” instead translates this digital experience into the physical world with hyper-personalised luggage that can express its owners every mood. Through the purpose-built “Reflection” app, travellers can update and customise the text displayed on the luggage’s programmable LED screen."

Rimowa and Moncler say that the screen is also supposed to be a stylistic nod to the classic LED screens that have long led weary travellers to their correct gate when embarking on a journey to their next destination.

"Inside each suitcase is an exclusive silver packing cube set in Moncler’s signature padded nylon fabric while a neon yellow luggage tag and belt adds distinctive utilitarian accents to the range. A custom sticker set commemorating the collaboration is also available as yet another means of personalising each Rimowa."

In a nod to the long-held tradition of customising Rimowa's aluminum cases with stickers, a Moncler sticker set is also included.

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It seems that the LED-equipped luggage will remain a concept for now, with the pieces set to be displayed at an installation at the third Moncler Genius showing in Milan later this month. However Rimowa has said that a collection based on the collaboration will arrive in stores worldwide later on this year.

Via GQ Australia