The Season’s Blingiest Accessory

12 March 2020
Accessories, Jewellery, Bling Bling, Grills, Wathek Allal, Sami Abdullah, Hip Hop
ITP Images
Looking to put your jewellery game on another planet? Open wide, and turn up the heat

Boy Meets Grill - Metal Mouths

Sure, this one’s a little out there. But no risk, no reward, right? While grills were once the sole preserve of early 2000s hip-hop videos, they’re now being embraced by street culture in the Middle East.

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On Wathek: Shirt (over), shirt (under), price on request, Gucci

“I’d been into grills for a while,” says Wathek Allal, “but always had fakes as they’re tough to get in Dubai. When I got a chance to make my own in Paris, I didn’t hesitate.”

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On Sami: Jacket, price on request, HUGO by Hugo Boss. Shirt, price on request Berluti. Jewelery, Sami’s own

Sami Abdullah had his made by a friend, but says they can be tough getting used to. “Sometimes they make it difficult to pronounce certain words,” says the 22-year-old creative director.

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Friends will love them, “family will hate them”, but there’s no doubting their power. “What do I like about them most?” says Abdullah, “Simple: they give me the spotlight.”

Photography: Efraim Evidor

Styling: Rusty Beukes