The Shawn Stussy X Dior Men's Collab Is Headed For Your Kitchen

21 June 2020
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Not your grandmother’s china set

The Dior Men Pre-Fall 2020 collection was memorable for a number of reasons. Firstly, it was shown in Miami – back when travelling to Miami was still a thing you could do. It also featured Kim Jones’ take on the Air Jordan 1 High OG sneaker, which is just as fly and covetable as it sounds.

But it was a very colourful collaboration between Dior Men’s artistic director and surf icon Shawn Stussy that infused the collection with a dose of sheer delight (don’t believe us? Check out those graphic knit sweaters).

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Now, the creative partnership between Jones and Stussy has evolved once more, and it’s headed for your dining room table.

Brought to life with the help of Cordelia de Castellane – who, as artistic director of Dior’s interiors division, knows her way around a dinner set – this new collection spans three different plate and two unique mug designs. Each piece is decorated with the unique graphics Stussy created exclusively for the French brand. The prints are inspired by motifs beloved by Christian Dior, such as florals, yet they feel inherently modern thanks to Stussy’s street art touch.

“This emblematic, multi-faceted personality at the crossroads of counter-cultures and the creative world of surfing reinvented the Dior logo like a graffiti tag,” says Dior of Stussy in a statement announcing the tableware collection.

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And indeed, like he did for the Pre-Fall collection back in December, the surf/skate/streetwear icon has reimagined the Dior logo using thick, Sharpie-style strokes. It might be a bit cool for your Wedgwood-loyal grandmother, but that’s the point – these are plates for a new generation of diners and dinner partiers. And they should be eaten off and enjoyed accordingly.

Back in December, when the partnership between Stussy and Dior Men was announced, Stussy (who is no longer STÜSSY, the brand he founded in 1980) took to Instagram and wrote: “Kim [Jones] has brought me out of retirement to work with him and his Dior family on fall 2020... I gotta say here now how good a vibe and how natural this project has felt for me before this thing breaks in a day or so...”

Evidently, the good vibes have continued to flow. Spanning clothing, a surfboard and now tableware, this creative partnership is the gift that keeps on giving. And we take absolutely no issue with that.

All images via Dior.

Via GQ Australia