These Nike Freddy Krueger Air Max 95s Are Scarily Good

09 September 2020
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The Nightmare On Elm Street sneakers are just in time for Halloween

We’re generalizing here but sneakerheads tend to enjoy record shops and coffee from places you haven’t heard. They like burgers from vans with trendy branding, obscure hip hop and the modulated furniture of Dieter Rams.

Less well documented is their love of notorious horror movies and yet just in time for Halloween, Nike has released these: Nightmare on Elm Street inspired Air Max 95s.

Wes Craven’s 80s horror classic spawned an industry of masks, jumpers and pork pie hats as people dressed up as Freddy Krueger, the man who invades you dreams and kills you in your sleep.

Nike’s latest Air Max incarnation borrows from Krueger’s wardrobe, making him an unlikely, if immediately recognizable, influencer for our times.

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The Air Max 95’s upper is made of mesh to replicated Krueger’s sweater, in a mix of ‘Velvet Brown,’ ‘University Red’ and ‘Team Red.’

The shoes are also full of nods to the film and its star including a metallic speckled tongue that is meant to reference his razor glove.

The sole, coming in a fleshy beige, also sports a blood-red air bubble, naturally. You’ll also notice blood spatters on the insole and dripping down the pull-tab at the back of the shoe. Sounds weird, looks great.

The Nike Air Max 95 Freddie Krueger will be available from October.