5 Things You Can Wear Under a Suit That Aren't a Shirt and Tie

22 August 2018
Fashion, Style, Suits
Because not every occasion calls for a James Bond impersonation.

There's an old saying that goes, "to lead the orchestra, you must first turn your back from the crowd". This rings pretty true when it comes to popping at an event that requires a little bit of sartorial polish but not too much glitz, and by choosing one of these options to pair with a suit, you'll actually find that you've stood out merely by dressing down.

A Statement Tee
Pulling off a t-shirt with a suit depends on a variety of factors, largely revolving around to how committed you are to dressing down the suit you're wearing. Pictured here, Atlanta actor Lakeith Stanfield gets his message across by pairing a jazzy suit with a beanie and a simple tee where the two complement eachother, rather than fight.

The Chunky Knit
Few things will make you quite feel like a member of the English aristocracy like pairing a chunky sweater with a tweedy/earthy suit. Throw in a pair of obscenely expensive leather boots and you've got yourself a fit that'll take you from shooting party to dinner party without a hassle. Turtlenecks are optional, but encouraged.

The Understated (or Overstated Polo)
The humble polo shirt is probably the most versatile way of dressing down a suit, as one can be found to suit so many styles of suiting. Go for a bold print and a slim fit to give off a 70s vibe, while a more simple knitted polo will give you exactly what you need to dress down while retaining a certain sartorial elegance.

The Boldest Shirt You Own
Loud shirts are at their biggest, boldest and most fashionable moment in years, and they're perfect for pairing with a suit that needs a bit of extra-oomph, especially when the going isn't that formal. Just ask Dave Franco.

Telling anyone you plan to pair denim with a suit will inevitably draw raised eyebrows, but if you stick to a basic plan, you can make it work wonders. The key is to keep it as summery as possible - pair light denim with light suits of grey and tan, then brighten things up with accessories to suit the colour scheme.

Via GQ Australia