This Elite Runner Explains How To Beat The Wall And Clock A Marathon

09 September 2019
Adidas, Lee Ryan, Runner, PulseBoost HD, Dubai Marathon
Images: Adidas
Captain of adidas Runners Dubai, Lee Ryan, on the benefits of street running and more

I love inner-city runs. It’s a great way to get a feel for your surroundings particularly at night when it’s getting dark, the lights are coming on and you thrive off the unique energy of the city brings. There are some great routes around Downtown Dubai where you can take in some of the most famous landmarks in the Middle East – they’re my favourite, but is just a unique experience.

To go from 5k, to half and then full marathon takes strength, commitment and a lot of patience. You need to be smart when you’re training and not push your body too far – understanding your limits is vital. I’ve been through that journey and it all depends on your commitment to the cause. If you’re able to follow a strict diet and work-out regime, you could go from running a 5km to a marathon in six months. It comes down to being honest with yourself on why you’re it doing, if your WHY is big enough it will keep you going. You have to trust the process.

Pushing past the wall is probably the hardest battle for a runner. It takes both physical and mental strength to be able to break through that barrier. You need to be daring, push yourself and know that the feeling of success will feel much more satisfying than the feeling of giving in. Everyone has to battle the wall at different parts of a run, but many of them build it high in their head even before they reach it physically. It prevents them from reaching their full potential.

The market is packed with different running shoes, but the technology behind PulseBoost HD is what makes it stand out from the others. It’s specifically designed to give you more stability and provide more energy return. It allows me to run further and faster through the city.

I actually think these are perfect for all types of runners, whether you run every day or you run once a week. They’re designed specifically for anyone who enjoys running in urban, city environments. The Continental Rubber outsole was developed using artificial intelligence and has fantastic grip which gives the runner more confidence in every stride – so it’s great on a range of surfaces – whether you’re running down by the beach, by the water or on the harder inner-city terrain, you’ll be able to feel the floor and allow you body to feel the freedom.

You know this shoe has its own playlist? There’s a link to a Spotify tracklist that you can pull up via a QR code. Music really helps me when running – I feed off the energy and positivity – and at the moment I’m listening to these: Chris Brown “No Guidance” ft. Drake, Ed Sheeran “Take Me Back To London" (Sir Spyro Remix) feat. Stormzy, Jaykae & Aitch, and Ella Mai “Boo’d Up”.

For me, running is so much more than just going out and doing exercise. It’s a physical and mental release. It has introduced me to new friends – I’m part of the adidas Runners community – I’ve been able to travel around the world… All of this from running. Something so simple yet so amazing!

Adidas Pulseboost is available now, priced $177