This IKEA Bucket Hat Just Went Viral

15 March 2020
Fashion, Hats, IKEA, Streetwear, Balenciaga, Vetements, Chinatown Market, Demna Gvasalia

We don’t really understand what’s happening, but we know that we want one

It’s good to know that in the midst of a crisis, there remains at least some fragments of normality in the world. Yes, the Coronavirus may well have permeated almost every waking moment of our lives, but if you look closely enough you can find salvation of sorts; a few constants to hang our collective sanity upon. We refer, of course, to the IKEA bucket hat that’s just gone viral.

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We live in strange times indeed. Major fashion houses now seemingly scour the service industries for the next big thing, embracing a notion of capitalist kitsch and throwing down hyped versions of everyday workwear. It’s a swerve that can lead to a great deal of style introspection on our part, too. “Is it just me or are the luminous Deliveroo jackets actually pretty cool?” is something I genuinely wondered about on walking home recently. I honestly still don’t know the answer.

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As it stands, this one has had (self-assembling) legs for some time. A love of IKEA’s ubiquitous FRAKTA bag hasn’t simply dropped from the sky, rather it’s based on the sizable impact it has had on fashion in recent times. Lest we forget, the blue beauty was first co-opted by Balenciaga creative director and Vetements founder, Demna Gvasalia – who else? – who created a luxe version that sold for $2145, and then also Chinatown Market, literally flipping the whole thing on its head with a $38 dad cap that was kind of rubbish but also kind of amazing, all at the same time.

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And just like DHL jumped on board, offering a reasonably priced version of the yellow factory floor jersey that Vetements sold for thousands, IKEA has decided to get a piece of the action, too, crafting a bucket hat that’s currently available online and at the mercy of hypebeasts everywhere for the grand total of $4.