This Rimowa Briefcase Will Make You Look Like A Criminal Mastermind (In A Good Way)

08 December 2019
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Pretend you’re carrying missile launch codes, not your sandwiches

There’s no escaping the fact that the opportunities to resemble a well-heeled super villain in 2019 are few and far between. You’ve barely got the time to find a signature power suit, let alone set up a decent mountain lair. So it’s a good thing that Rimowa has taken a fresh look at an iconic archival piece, releasing the Attaché Gold and bringing a touch of much-needed intelligence to your business style.

A limited edition collector’s item, the vintage case – the aluminium Topas Attachée Briefcase – was first favoured as a boardroom power move before filtering into the aviation industry and then being co-opted as an essential piece of kit for spies, criminal masterminds and, well, basically anybody wanting to take over the world in Hollywood. Now it has been reimagined as the Attaché Gold.

As a brand, Rimowa is currently in the process of travelling the globe and sourcing iconic pieces for its archives. It was something that came to fruition in September, as it unpacked a historical archive collection with Sotheby’s New York. Rimowa Archive Collection: 1898 – 2019 saw previously unseen pieces alongside hypebeast favourites such as Virgil Abloh’s Off White collaboration with the German brand.

As any self-respecting villain will tell you, timing is everything. The Rimowa Attache Gold is available in minimal quantities worldwide as a collector’s item for long-time brand devotees, and we’d be surprised if this one wasn’t destined to become the most coppable of accessories.  It’s the holiday season, so what better way to treat yourself – but best set the bots on this one or you’ll likely miss out.

This latest release is yet another way that Rimowa continues to acknowledge the defining products that have shaped its heritage. Recently, the classic attaché was artist Daniel Arsham’s inspiration for his ‘Eroded Suitcase’ collaboration, where it was seen as a crumbling icon seemingly unearthed from an archaeological dig.

The Rimowa Attache Gold is available in selected Rimowa stores worldwide and at