This T-Shirt Lets You Change The Graphics Via Your Smartphone

16 December 2019
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Image: Carlings

Introducing the world’s first augmented reality T-shirt, courtesy of Scandinavian label Carlings

We’ve long been hearing about the significance of augmented reality, and the impact it can have on daily life in the future. From changes to technology and our working lives, the dialogue surrounding augmented reality has long been one focused on increasing efficiency and serving capitalism as it looks to squeeze more hours into the workday thanks to the improved technology. From apps, to Google Glass and various other forms of augmented reality apps, it’s all been relatively limited to technology we can use. But only now are we getting a glimpse into how augmented reality can impact the clothes we wear.

Thanks to Scandinavian fashion retailer Carlings, the world is only now seeing what augmented reality looks like in fashion, with the first ever augmented reality statement t-shirt.

CEO of Carlings, Ronny Mikalsen, sought to make an environmental impact through a single t-shirt by using digital innovation. By using Spark Augmented Reality – the same technology behind Instagram’s face filters and stickers – the phone is able to digitally superimpose new designs on to the T-shirt, even adjusting the image to align with the movement and drapes of the shirt.

Customers are able to choose between a selection of animated statements that will be updated daily to reflect the news and current topics trending in politics, society and pop culture at large. Consequently, each day the t-shirt will be able to display a new statement and design to get the message out there on Instagram – without the need to buy another physical t-shirt.

A statement from the brand suggests, “Ever since the beginnings of youth culture, fashion has been a way to make a statement. Today’s youth, a generation with the climate crisis looing over their imminent future, have shown the world time and again that they are not afraid of speaking up and making a stand.”

Mikalsen added, “The Last Statement T-shirt is just the first example of how digital augmentation and alteration will shape tomorrow’s fashion industry. Customisation and personalisation are two of today’s biggest trends. We are curious about how this technology could allow us to invite our customers into the design process, giving items a digital afterlife post-purchase.”

As the world grapples with the catastrophic threat of global warming and climate change, it’s clear that more needs to be done by both individuals and industries to alleviate our impact on the environment. And certainly, when it comes to fashion, innovations like Carlings’ The Last Statement T-Shirt is something that should be championed. Just recently, even fast-fashion brands like H&M have made an effort to do more in terms of sustainability, announcing they would begin trials of clothing rentals at their flagship store.

Via GQ Australia