Three Streetwear Heavyweights Have Teamed Up With Uniqlo UT On A Star Wars Collection

By Brad Nash
24 April 2019
Star Wars, Uniqlo UT
Credit: Uniqlo
This follows collaborations with the likes of the Shonen Jump manga franchise, KAWS, Sesame Street and Mickey Mouse

Uniqlo's UT collections — spearheaded by Japanese streetwear, music and entrepreneurial magnate Nigo — have become one of the most prominent touching points between the worlds of pop culture fandom and streetwear over the past couple of years.

The brand's collaborations with the likes of the Shonen Jump manga franchise, KAWS, Sesame Street and Mickey Mouse have all thrown up culturally-accessible streetwear grails, fusing Uniqlo's timeless wearability with not just enough pop culture clout to engage long-time fans of whatever series they're focusing on, but a design-led manifesto that's properly wearable for fashion-forward people.

Now, Nigo has set his sights on a galaxy far, far away, releasing a new capsule with Star Wars in the lead-up to Episode IX later this year. He's also enlisted some A-list support from throughout the world of Japanese streetwear: Jun Takahashi of UNDERCOVER and Tetsu Nishiyama of WTAPS were both designers on the project, which focuses on a wide range of graphic tees referencing memorable moments from throughout the franchise's eight films so far.

Particular emphasis is placed on the first three films, with characters from A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi all honored. Bounty hunter Greedo, cited by Nigo himself as his favourite Star Wars character, features prominently throughout the capsule.

A Mandalorian recruitment poster, a take on Boba Fett and the Dewback, a minor creature also seen briefly in the films, form the contribution by Nishiyama, while Takahashi chose R2-D2, C-3PO to the furry Ewoks as his muses.

The prints differ in artistic style distinctly with each designer, with Takahashi explaining: “the characters and prop designs are endlessly novel and fascinating. As a long-term fan, I was delighted and honored to take part in this project. I used a cartoonishly series I really loved as a design motif.”

All Photos: Uniqlo

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