Todd Snyder's Looney Tunes x Champion Collection Blends Premium Sportswear With Vintage Americana

05 November 2019
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Images: Courtesy of Todd Snyder
That's all, folks!

Now 100 years old, Champion's moment in the sun is far from over, with the renaissance of retro sportswear breathing new life into the brand. And as people turn to the American staple for sportswear that fuses comfort with a classic, gym-inspired fit and a low-key yet high-quality finish, the brand is courting increased interest from collaborators and celebrities alike, from Supreme to END. clothing.

Latest in their long-list of collaborators is high-end casual menswear designer Todd Snyder, who has decided to honor Champion's unique place in American culture by bringing another American icon into the fold: the ever-iconic Looney Tunes.

The collaboration sees Snyder adorn some classic Champion essentials pieces with some of his favourite Looney Tunes characters, playing on the designs of the characters and their catchphrases by working them into the collective sense of Americana that he often tries to inject into his own garments. Take, for instance, the Sylvester-adorned jumper with the 'New York Th-ity' graphic.

A huge range of the entire Looney Tunes line up is represented in the collection, with Roadrunner, Tweety, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Marvin the Martian and Taz all getting their own respective designs.

"I’ve loved Looney Tunes since I was young, so these classic characters really take me back. Getting to create a TS x Champion collection featuring these American icons made me feel like a kid in a candy store."

The candy store motif is clearly one Snyder had been thinking on, as the lookbook draws heavily on themes surrounding the classic ideals of American youth. Aside from the Looney Tunes that so many young people grew up with as entertainment, the majority of the shoot takes place in and around — you guessed it — a candy store.

Check out the full collection below. We're yet to hear any word on whether or not the collab will drop down under, but if it does, we'll be sure to bring you any release details.

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Via GQ Australia