McDonald's Has Gone Into The Streetwear Game... And We're Loving It

19 September 2019
McDonald's, Streetwear, Giveaway, Freebies
14 Big Macs and a hooded top please

To our mind, there’s really only one thing that could better the enjoyment of a late night burger, and that’s a late night burger that comes with a side order of streetwear. A dream scenario, sure, but for a lucky few that dream comes true tonight. Here’s the deal: order McDonald’s home delivery between 7pm and 3am on September 19 and you could also end up with a pair of socks with some fries on them. Who’s in?

Up until now, the best dressed person associated with McDonald’s was most likely the burger-based villain, Hamburglar. Just think about it: the always in-season stripes, the audacity of a cape, the use of a hat only bettered by Pharrell Williams… what’s not to like? Add the air of glamour that only pinching burgers can provide and you have all the ingredients for a stone cold classic.

OK, so at first thought some tracksuit bottoms with a picture of a Big Mac and fries on them might not sound too appealing. But here’s the thing: yes, this is McDonald’s and yes, this is just a neat gimmick to mark the annual McDelivery Day, but the gear is actually pretty good. Probably not the scrunchies or the weird hooded blanket, but the tee, the socks, we would 100 percent wear those.

There is a caveat, of course. The gifts are randomly chosen, so you may end up with a one-day ticket to Dubai Parks and Resorts or a food voucher for your troubles, which is nice, but this is really all about the Big Mac and fries fleece joggers, the socks, the slippers… basically anything with a filet-o-fish on it.

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But remember, this is a delivery only thing. Anybody who rocks up to McDonald’s at 2am and demands a hoodie emblazoned with a quarter pounder with cheese will be, quite rightly, escorted out by security. Instead order early through Deliveroo, Talabat, Uber Eats, Zomato and the McDelivery mobile app.

Tonight we dine.