Track Pants To Make Working From Home Extra Comfy

24 March 2020
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The best tracksuit pants for men, chosen by the GQ Middle East Fashion team

Like it or not, thanks to Covid-19, we’ll all be spending a whole lot more time at home for now. Here’s how we see it: you’ve got two choice when you wake up - you can either stay unmade and groggy in your pyjamas, or take a shower and get dressed like you would for any other day. Trust us, the later feels a whole lot better.

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Make ‘not pyjamas’ your first rule of working from home. The second rule is to find something that are as comfortable as PJs, but with less of a bedroom vibe. We’re talking track pants, obviously.

These aren’t the ones you wear to gym, though. Forget form-fitting functionality and sweat-wicking capabilities (unless you’re a PT and you’re working from home, in which case, go off!)

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For the rest of us, working-from-home-trackpants are about comfort and at least a modicum of presentability.

In the words of one Twitter user: “People working from home in jeans. What are you trying to prove?”

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Here is our comfortable edit of the best track pants on the market

Track pants, $1090, Gucci at Matches Fashion

Track pants, $460, Monclear Genius at Mr. Porter

Track pants, $1445, Prada at Prada

Track pants, $1400, Fendi at Fendi

Track pants, $310, Ader Error at Mr.Porter

Track pants, $108, Sunspel at Matches Fashion

Track pants, $210, Les Benjamins at Les Benjamins