Vans And Noah Made A Sneaker Perfect For Sweater Weather

15 September 2019
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Images: Courtesy of Noah
Introducing the fall sneaker

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All summer long, you’ve probably been wearing lightweight canvas kicks, John Mayer-level sandals, or maybe the craziest loafers you could get your hands on. (If so, good on you.) However, as hot days at the beach give way to weekend trips full of foliage, it’s time to make sure you have a fresh pair of season-appropriate footwear on deck. You could pull on some boots. But that's not your only option, because the fall sneaker is a crucial category. So, what exactly makes for a tremendous fall-ready sneaker? Just look to the latest collaboration between Vans and New York menswear label Noah.

The duo has teamed up on two new printed versions of the lesser-known Chukka MS silhouette—and there is something about Noah’s elevated take on contemporary menswear that translates perfectly to sneakers. The mid-top shoe features a buckle instead of the usual laces for a look that isn’t quite a casual sneaker, but certainly won't be mistaken for a dressy boot. It falls in that beautiful grey space between preppy and skate that Noah designer Brendon Babenzien loves to play in. The two prints that adorn the sneakers feel quintessentially autumnal without being too over the top. The first is a tartan plaid and the second a monochromatic gingham—both cozy enough for a quick trip to your favorite coffee shop but grown-up enough to wear out for drinks on a Friday night.

This collaboration isn't the first between Noah and Vans, and we're betting it won’t be the last. The two companies teamed up a couple of times last year, but didn't produce anything that leaned as heavily into the seasonal vibes as this release. Lucky for everyone looking to buy the perfect fall sneaker, they did on this go-round—because the result is a pair of kicks you’ll want to wear all season long.

Noah x Vans Chukka MS. $98 at

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