Vans' Latest Pop Culture Collab Is With The Nightmare Before Christmas

12 September 2019
Sneakers, Vans
Images: Courtesy of Vans/Sneaker Politics
Nice work, bone daddy!

Everyone has a Tim Burton tragic in their life. You know, that one person who thinks Johnny Depp in full Edward Scissorhands garb is the peak of innocent sexiness and that Coraline is the very height of subversive horror.

While all other people set their yearly calendars by the time it becomes socially appropriate to watch Love Actually, for the Tim Burton tragic, Christmas only comes when you can roll out the DVD of The Nightmare Before Christmas. It's arguably Burton's most successful work outside of Edward Scissorhands, and given it seemingly inspired the aesthetic of thousands of scene kids throughout the '00s, you could argue that it's his biggest success in terms of cult following.

As such, it makes a fair amount of sense that Vans — a brand that features in the unofficial yet universal uniform of the exact person who loves The Nightmare Before Christmas, have decided to make the film the latest in its growing roster of movie-inspire collaborations.

You may remember Vans went viral earlier this year for their much-lauded collaboration with the Harry Potter franchise, and they've also dropped seriously hyped capsules with both David Bowie and NASA over the last 12 months, so it's safe to say they're on a hot streak. With this new collab, which is also the latest in a long-lasting partnership that Vans have had with the Burton universe's owner Disney, it looks as if they're set to go three-for-three.

Naturally, the entire capsule is dressed in the goth-inspired colour schemes that have come to define Tim Burton's movies — an aesthetic that arguably reached its peak in The Nightmare Before Christmas — with the sneakers' featuring prints that highlight the animated film's cast of kooky characters. Jack Skellington naturally features heavily throughout the collection, which features heavily-printed works of the Sk8-Hi, Authentic, Old-Skool and Slip-On.

Lock, Stock and Barrel also feature prominently, as do Sally, Zero and the Zombie Band. Subtle nods to the film are also apparent throughout, with the sax players' iconic 'nice work, Bone Daddy' line emblazoned inside the leather heel of the Sk8-hi, the Easter Bunny printed on the inside of the Authentic, and the Slip-On adorned with Jack Skellington's bow-tie.

Vans themselves have only nodded to the collection in a teaser posted on Instagram, but Sneaker Politics have unveiled all four models anyway.

Check out the collection in detail below. It's likely that they'll drop on Vans' website sometime early next moth, so keep an eye on their page for more updates.

All images courtesy of Vans/Sneaker Politics

Via GQ Australia