Vegan Sneakers You Will Actually Want To Wear

29 March 2020
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Yatay’s eco-conscious kicks will benefit the world and your wardrobe

One of the biggest problems (and inexplicable oversights) in much of ethical footwear’s design is that it’s....well...ugly AF.

Sure the values are all in place, and people want to do their bit, but they also want dope kicks.

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Why, then, do people not think to make vegan sneakers you’d actually wear in broad daylight? You want people to buy ethically made shoes? Make them as cool as the ones that are hurting the planet.

Well, no longer can we hide behind tired excuses about aesthetics, because Yatay has called our bluff.

Launched in 2018, the ethical shoe brand is made in Italy, the brainchild of a man called Umberto De Marco. De Marco is the president of Coronet Spa, a company who produce environmentally friendly materials for fashion and footwear.

So far, so green. But where Yatay differ is that they make the sort of office-friendly, smart-casual sneakers that will have design-bros chasing you down the street asking where you copped them from.

And best of all, they’re made using exclusively sustainable and renewable materials.

Yatay say that their shoes are:

“Manufactured in Italy by hand, and developed to drastically reduce the impact on the ecosystem, the shoes are vegan and every pair is made from eco-friendly materials - pairing long-lasting comfort with impeccable style.”

In addition, for every pair of Yatay shoes sold, Yatay will plant a tree in a Kenyan forest.

The brand now has three lasts in their wheelhouse; the Neven Low, Neven High and the newly launched Irori.

The Irori, the brand’s latest style, enters the pantheon of sneakers that are acceptable with a suit.

You might also notice that all of Yatay’s style names, and indeed its own brand name, are palindromes. A reference to the brand’s end-to-end production values.

The answer was so simple, you wonder why no one did it sooner.

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