We Love This Super-limited Prada Bowling Shirt And You Will Too

09 May 2020
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The Milanese mega brand will tomorrow unveil the May edition of its monthly ‘Time Capsule’ drop. A classic Prada bowling shirt limited to just 50 pieces, you'd better move quickly if you want to strike it lucky

As if Prada's seasonal collections weren't bank account-destroying enough, now – for the first time this year – the Milanese super brand is set to unveil the latest weapon in its retail arsenal, a limited edition “Time Capsule” bowling shirt that will be available to buy from prada.com exclusively for 24 hours only.

This bowling shirt by Prada is limited to 50 pieces, costs $850 and is available for 24 hours only from prada.com from 3pm on Thursday 7 May.

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Hitting the brand's website on Thursday 7 May at 3pm BST, the collection of 50 “car racing-inspired” shirts (which come finished with mother-of-pearl buttons and are available in all the usual sizes, from XS to XL) will no doubt have sped out of the starting blocks well within their 24-hour selling window.

Both unique and unisex, this new take on Prada's classic Aloha-style bowling shirt (an iteration of which sneaks its way into each of the brand's seasonal runway offerings) is cut from crisp white poplin and features a futuristic take on both Prada's iconic branding and, naturally, the month of May.

A welcome return to some semblance of luxury retail normality, this version of Prada's Time Capsule drop will only be available in Europe and Japan, with further markets expected to be incorporated over the course of 2020.

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So, if you find yourself in need of a little therapeutic “revenge” spending in the lead up to the long weekend, be sure to hit prada.com at 3pm on Thursday. We'll see you there.

Via British GQ