Will Smith Just Released His Second Drop Of Fresh Prince-Inspired Apparel

28 November 2019
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The 51-year-old may once have been the biggest star of the screen, but he’s now also making a name for himself in the world of athletic gear

You only need to peruse Netflix to see that TV shows now come thick and fast. How studios decipher between the good and the bad, we don’t know – and certainly, there are a number of shows that really shouldn’t have made it past the pilot. But when the chemistry clicks, the script is intelligent and witty, and the personas on the small screen are willingly invited into audiences’ homes again and again, that’s essentially the recipe of a winner. And one show that has managed to do that with incredible success is The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

It’s hard to believe that the name Will Smith wasn’t so universally known at the time when Smith burst onto our screens as the quick-witted Will in the show, but since then he’s gone on to take Hollywood by storm. Yet the TV show is still what fans gravitate towards, and given that we’re a nostalgia-obsessed society, even if you didn’t grow up during the time where Fresh Prince was a regular fixture on TV, you can still revisit the show now through various streaming platforms. Consequently, Smith continues to garner a fresh generation of fans consistently. And not surprisingly, he’s turned this crop of loyal fans into a business through the launch of his unisex clothing line, Bel-Air Athletics.

The first collection was released earlier this year and, as expected, was quickly snatched up. It featured 26 pieces that all derived inspiration from Smith’s character on the show. The pieces were heavily influenced by styles worn on the court, with retro “Academy” track jackets inspired by the character’s uniform blazer, tie-dye T-shirts with throwback basketball graphics, sweatpants, and even accessories that include an air freshener and paisley-print shooter sleeve.

Now, Smith has delighted fans with what can only be described as a Christmas miracle – a new release of fresh Bel-Air Athletics garments. This new collection encompasses 40 unisex items altogether, including casual goods like hoodies, graphic T-shirts, sweatpants, and sporty accessories. There’s a nylon-crafted bomber jacket, an “MVP Varsity Jacket”, and tees that feature cartoon depictions of Smith playing basketball and football. It’s a bigger release than the previous one, and it’s clear that Smith is really hitting his stride with the range.

This is reflected in the colour palette that’s sartorially chic, with shades of burgundy, gold, and navy all in reference to the Bel-Air Academy, and shots of tie-dye brining in a trendy element. 

Items start from $22 for socks, and go up to $663 for the MVP Varsity Jacket. The full collection is now available to shop online from Bel-Air Athletics’ web store.

Via GQ Australia