YEEZY's New Spin On Crocs Have Leaked And Twitter Has Some Opinions

15 September 2019
Kanye West, Sneakers, Adidas, YEEZY, Crocs, Streetwear
Image: YEEZY Mafia

Kanye is here to shake up your summer look in a major way

We're at the point now where Kanye West, whether it be in expressing his controversial political opinions or in fashion design, can get away with pretty much anything.

He's already proven one of the trailblazers in pushing the classic streetwear aesthetic into new directions, introducing earthier tones and more out there designs into his collections that, despite initially raising eyebrows, have since become a major influencer on the aesthetic that's come to define the upper-end of urban attire.

But a YEEZY Croc? That would be testing the patience of even his most ardent fans. But hell, he's done it anyway.

The announcement, much like all new YEEZY products, came courtesy of fan account YEEZY Mafia, and is yet to be actually announced by the Adidas sub-brand.

Somehow, we don't immediately loathe them as much as most would assume. Dubbed the Foam Runner, they're clearly meant to be a beach-ready spin on the 750 runner that YEEZY have released to such success over the last couple of years. You could just about get away with them on the beach if you wear them in the right way, but naturally their out-there look had Twitter in absolute shambles.

Check out the best Twitter reactions to the impending release below. Most, quite naturally, couldn't get past their alien-esque appearance.

Some, however, speculated that people would eventually be bowled over by the hype and go ahead and by them anyway. They're probably not wrong.

Some, surprisingly though, were all in on the idea of a comfy shoe blended with the YEEZY aesthetic.

Via GQ Australia