Yes, Men, You Can Wear White Jeans In Winter!

12 November 2019
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Glad we got that one out of the way

There's a strange, somewhat pernicious little dictum in the world of menswear which suggests that white jeans can't be worn until the weather turns.

It's an arcane, totally Americanised rule – like something which the writers of Gossip Girl cooked up for a laugh – and one which you absolutely should not apply to your own wardrobe.

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The idea that white, cream or ivory jeans should only be worn during the summer months is, in my opinion, one of the most nonsensical in the world of fashion (and that's saying something). Jeans, for a start, are horrible to wear in hot weather. They make your thighs chafe and legs, in general, far too hot. What's more, there's something, well, a little bit basic about white jeans in summer (note the previous Gossip Girl reference).

Sat somewhere between the predictability of a Hawaiian shirt and the clunky awkwardness of a sandal, wearing a white jean in summer is like wearing a sheepskin coat in winter. We get it, you know what season it is, stop making a song and dance about it.

A white jean in winter, on the other hand, is knowing, chic and not a little brave. You're more likely to soil your white jeans in the winter, after all. Rain tends to be more rife and with rain comes puddles...And mud.

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It's also true that wearing a white jean in winter will lift what could otherwise be a very flat, moody look (men have a tendency to veer towards greys, charcoals and blacks in winter). Swap a pair of indigo denim trousers for some white jeans and team with some chunky brown boots, a navy blue cashmere pea coat and a moody grey sweater and you'll instantly have an outfit which simultaneously lifts the spirits of those around you, and conceals that insidious case of Seasonal Affected Disorder you're so eager to hide.

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You need only look at some of the most prolific style influencers on the global circuit for proof of the winter white jean’s prevalence. Alessandro Squarzi, the unequivocal king of the peacocks at Pitti Uomo, regularly wears a white jean with a camo flight jacket and some trainers and looks like a God doing it. Likewise, Johannes Huebl (the husband of would-be Queen of the Gossip Girls Olivia Palermo) regularly sports a white jean with winter tailoring and looks every bit the spiffy man about town.

So here, to help you get started on your own route into winter whites, is the only outfit to get you started:

The Jeans
Jeans by John Elliott, $551 at

The Coat
Coat by Brunello Cucinelli, $6233 at

The Sweater
Sweater by Sallee Privee, $573 at

The Boots
Boots by Manolo Blahnik, $1020 at

The Shirt
Shirt by Oliver Spencer, $205 at

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