You Need A Necklace (And Here Are The Best)

By Zak Maoui, Harvey James
02 October 2019
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Don't be bound by convention. Unlock the secret to the chain game with our edit of the best men's necklaces

The key to getting it right is all in the proportions. For maximum results, choose a slim metal chain with delicately sized links: nothing too low or you risk getting it caught on cab doors/zips/nipples; nothing too tight or you'll end up looking like a crusty Ibizan casualty. Keep the detailing hanging off it delicate also – a subtle circle or geometric shape is a masculine touch that adds sex appeal

Emanuele Bicocchi

Gone are the days when the most ornate thing about a man’s necklace was a T-bar, a coin or, crazier still, a dangling T-bar. It’s the 21st century, guys. We can have thunderbolts (inlaid with polished enamel) on our necklaces now, thanks to this wonderful Tuscan designer. What a time to be alive. £260 at


The joy of researching these pieces is that every now and then you stumble upon a gem. This necklace features a miniature aeroplane or rally car safety belt at the ends of the flat gold chain. Get one while you can, because literally every other item is sold out. £520 at

Stuart England Atelier

This is from the jeweller that made Rick Dalton’s necklace (Once Upon A Time In... Hollywood) and is styled on the monumental English Tudor rose. Need we say much more? We will anyway. The maker and founder of this piece, Stuart England, has worked all over the world and settled his craft in Los Angeles. All the pieces are hand drawn, hand carved and hand finished by himself and himself alone. From £225 at


Often, necklaces are used to represent something integral, truthful and meaningful about the wearer – much like a tattoo. What is more fitting for a representation of 21st century living than a puzzle necklace? Virgil Abloh knows what’s up. £255 at


Cartier is renowned for creating pure, unabated luxury items. This necklace is no exception. Made from 18k white gold, this is among the finest jewellery available on the men’s market. It's part of the Santos collection, which aims to marry modesty with elegance, and somehow Cartier has mastered the art of being modestly immodest. We love it. £7,150 at

Louis Vuitton

This sterling-silver lock necklace is a dignified piece. The lock is a symbol of the unbreakable pledge Louis Vuitton (and the purchaser) make to Unicef. From the £420 price tag, £200 will go to the charity and its mission to help children in emergencies and vulnerable situations around the world. £420 at


Whether or not you believe in the healing powers of crystals or precious stones, the LA-based brand Nialaya undoubtedly creates beautiful jewellery. This buddha amulet, embellished with cubic zirconia is an incredible example. And if it chills you out too then... great! £200 at


A simple, spacious chain repetitively constructed from the brand’s iconic initials. The chain link works so perfectly we have to question if Christian Dior was born specifically to have his initials woven into necklace design. Wear it draped over a shirt and you’ve got yourself an elegant, fashionable outfit. £910 at

Hatton Labs

If you love metal music, Satanism, ironic pendants or sterling silver, boy, are you in for a treat. Hatton Labs is based in the heart of Hatton Gardens, the famous jewellery enclave in Clerkenwell, London, and all of its pieces are made there. As if you need anymore convincing about how serious they are about jewellery, it even comes with its own polishing cloth. £335 at

Katie Mullally

This Katie Mullally pendant is not only chic but also sold in aid of a great cause. Jointly designed between the hospice Ellenor and KMM to keep the memory of loved ones with us. Ellenor is the only hospice in Kent that provides care for people of all ages. “As a charity, our services are provided free of charge when families most need it. We support adults in the community and provide specialist children’s hospice care at home for sick children.” To find out more visit £90 at

Jil Sander

Jil Sander, the master of effortlessness, has done it again. Is it ironic that they’ve made a decorative frivolity so simple and well-designed that it has become a necessity? With the characters engraved on the front, its 100 per cent silver construction and ring and bar clasp, this necklace is a wonderful example of modern aestheticism. Probably the reason it pairs so well with a radiant white T-shirt... £199 at


When it comes to necklaces, simplicity is best. This Valentino carved plaque necklace is a case in point. Its fine link chain, lobster clasp (the tiny flick-handle for taking on and off) and sliver-toned brass construction give it a timeless quality, beyond the fickle vicissitudes of trend. It is gorgeous, everyday jewellery. £230 at

Isabel Marant

The charm necklace is often wonderful to look at, but it can quickly fall from vertiginous spiritualism and splat onto the valley of pretentiousness below. That is why we love this Isabel Marant piece. The gold-tone metal chain and beautiful chevron design pendant, with brand inscription on the back, gives it a chic, bohemian aesthetic with an irresistible magnetism. £90 at

Alex Orso

If you, like many of us, are trying to perfect the scandi-minimalism-larger-than-average-social-media-following-entrepreneur-occassionally-designs-things look, we have just sourced you the perfect necklace. This Alex Orso necklace is cast in solid Sterling Silver and plated in 22kt Gold. It has a dappled front surface, while the back is a Brushed Satin finish. Bushwick won’t know what hit it. £115 at


A gold ring on a gold chain? LOTR anyone? Unless Frodo’s vice-like grip managed to bend it, we can safely assume this piece isn’t a Tolkien reference. The mother-daughter duo at Renné had intended to create jewellery that feels special and this 18-carat gold oval pendant, which hangs from a choice of a 20-inch or a 32-inch chain, will do just that. Just try not to lose it – it’s precious metal. From £540 at

Shaun Leane

Crafted from polished sterling silver in their Mayfair workshop, this arc pendant is an attempt to physically manifest a shard of light. As a part of the brand’s first venture into menswear, the necklace comes with staggered links along the delicate chain so you can adjust the drop. The deft, intelligent aesthetic makes it a brilliant elevation accessory for the smart-casual dress code. £275 at

Maison Margiela

If, unlike the strong 100 per cent polished sterling silver of this necklace, you aren’t feeling up to it one day or you have the hangover from hell, you can communicate this to people without even uttering a word. Just flick the Maison Margiela “Fragile” necklace in their direction. In case you can’t even articulate an answer to the logical follow up question, “Where’s that from?” just flip it round and Margiela’s famous numbers design on the back will reply for you. £265 at


The perennially stylish Miansai should be a mainstay for men’s jewellery. The brand has built up its reputation with an indefatigable ability to create elegant accessories. This simple dove pendant is neatly accompanied by a coin and hangs on a 24-inch sterling silver chain. Also, monograming is free, so go get personal. £145 at


We may have told a little lie. Simplicity isn’t always better. This, frankly whacky, leather pouch accessory by Loewe completely smashes, tears up and burns the conventional ideas of what a necklace is and can be. Taking its inspiration from the practicality of Eighties fisherman uniforms, they have probably succeeded in designing the most pragmatic necklace ever. £525 at

Le Gramme

Made in the label's French workshop from polished sterling silver, this necklace is a minimalist’s dream. £130 at


It’s no secret that Alessandro Michele loves referencing religion. He dressed Lana Del Rey for the Met Gala in a lavish Pope-inspired gown and now he’s released this cross necklace. Works for us. £350 at

Saint Laurent

This ball chain necklace is finished with the classic Saint Laurent plaque. £340 at

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