Tag Heuer Unveils The 4th Of Its 50th Anniversary Monacos

25 September 2019
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The Latest Of Five Editions Celebrates The Early 2000s

Tag Heuer’s Monaco watch is one that has transcended the wrist. The instantly recognizable square face and tricolour colour scheme have made this Swiss chronograph a classic. Many have attempted to emulate it, none have succeeded in pulling it off.

Now, 50 years after the Monaco launched, the Swiss watch mark is paying it the tribute it so richly deserves, with a series of 5 limited edition versions of the Monaco, released throughout its birthday year. Each watch represents a decade of the Monaco’s history, from the late Sixties to the present day.

Tag Heuer Monaco 50th Anniversary edition

The penultimate of these editions, drawing on the architecture and design of the early noughties (1999-to 2009) has now launched. The black and white colour scheme of the face, accented with the original red hour markers and hand tips, give this new Monaco a more serious, formal feel and boy do we dig it. A nod to the minimalism of this century’s first decade, you can imagine it poking out from under the black sleeve of an expertly tailored Armani suit, worn with a T-shirt, sneakers and iPhone in hand, naturally.

On the case back you’ll find the Monaco Heuer engraved alongside the words “1999-2009 Special Edition” and One of 169, to denote the extremely limited run of this anniversary edition.

Within the case is an updated version of the Monaco’s Calibre 11 automatic winding chronograph movement that was so revolutionary that Jack Heuer felt it needed a case design ‘worthy of attention’. The rest, clearly, is 50 years’ worth of history.

Catapulted to worldwide fame after Steve McQueen wore one in the 1971 film Le Mans, the Monaco became intrinsically linked with the era. This fourth 50th anniversary edition does the same, capturing the spirit of the last decade perfectly. Safe to say, it’s coveted in the GQ offices.