Chris Hemsworth

Bulk Your Arms With Chris Hemsworth’s Devastating Dumbbell Workout
A circuit that will literally have your arms feeling like they’re hanging by a thread
The Healthy Bulking Secrets Behind Thor's Diet
It's not easy looking like Chris Hemsworth, even when you're him: getting the nutritional intake he needs to gain deity-level muscle is impossible without the help of his chef and nutrition consultant, Sergio Perera. Here, Perera breaks down exactly what it takes for Hemsworth to be Mjolnir-ready
Taika Waititi And Chris Hemsworth Are Teaming Up Again For Thor 4
Thor’s third go-around was touted as not just the character’s, but Marvel’s best, too. And now, Hemsworth and Waititi will team up once again in a follow-up to the 2017 blockbuster
The 20-Minute Hotel Room Workout Chris Hemsworth's Trainer Swears By
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Chris Hemsworth And Elsa Pataky Are Superheroes Of Style
They may be the he and she of action movies, but those power roles have extended to their style too. As Avengers: Endgame approaches our screens, embark on a dress code class with our Mr and Mrs of the week
Faye Fearon
Chris Hemsworth Is Set To Play Hulk Hogan In A Netflix Biopic
The wrestler became one of the pop culture icons of the '80s, and appeared in Rocky III
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