The Best Jeans For Men, For Every Shape
Those raw, dark indigo selvedge jeans hanging in your wardrobe are superb, but there's a whole new wave of denim out there. Here, we break down three of the biggest jeans trends for the season (and showcase a few of our favourites)
Zak Maoui and Harvey James
A Tribute To Blue Jeans
A stunning 146-years ago, two visionaries patented a unique invention in clothing manufacturing that set off in motion the creation of one of fashion's most popular items.
The Best Eco-Friendly Jeans And Denim Brands You Should Know About
The creation of the average pair of jeans use enough water to sustain a family of four for a month. Shocked? We were too. Which is why we've rounded up the best eco-friendly jeans and denim brands that are making jeans clean again
Eleanor Davies