Mark Zuckerberg

Bezos Takes Out Top Spot On The Forbes 400 List With $169 Billion
The 38th edition of the flagship list sees the usual suspects take out top spot, but there were also 18 newcomers to the list including Fortnite CEO and Bezos’ ex-wife, Mackenzie Bezos
Facebook Just Made Another Serious Blunder And Leaked 419 Million Phone Numbers
Almost 20 percent of Facebook’s 2.3 billion users had their phone numbers leaked after several unprotected databases were discovered online
I’ve Got The Power: Facebook Is Now Letting Users Block Data-Gathering Offsite
The new development issues a proactive step for consumers too, and while we continue to demand greater privacy online, whether we will adopt the new feature remains to be seen
Facebook, Piracy And The Unintended Consequences Of Technology
Ingenuity often hides between user and developer – for better and for worse. Just ask Mark Zuckerberg
There's Far More To The Instagram Name Change Than Meets The Eye
It may seem like a simple reminder to the public of who belongs to who, but the newly-named 'Instagram from Facebook' is the product of more internal strife than you'd think