Everything We Know So Far About The Upcoming Men In Black Reboot
A new trailer has unveiled what's now known as 'The Hive', a race of shape-shifting aliens who will come up against the MIB
Brad Nash
Avengers: Endgame Is A Fanboy Extravaganza
After 11 years, 21 films, a combined $4bn budget and $18bn total global box-office, Disney’s grand project of treating a roster superhero films as one giant TV series – just one where you have to go to the cinema to watch each episode – has finally reached its season finale. But the supped-up sci-fi might put newcomers off the Marvel universe
Stuart McGurk
Sansa Stark Is An Entirely New Force To Be Reckoned With In The New Dark Phoenix Trailer
The film is an adaptation of the comic book Dark Phoenix Saga, set almost a decade after the events of X-Men: Apocalypse
Brad Nash
Avengers: Endgame May Mark Stan Lee's Final Cameo
If so, Lee's final appearance will be more sentimental in nature, compared with the more humorous roles in the past
Brad Nash
Here's What You Need To Know About The Eternals - Angelina Jolie's Marvel Debut
Jolie is in talks with Disney to join team that will put The Guardians of the Galaxy to shame
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Netflix Wipes Out The Rest Of Its Marvel Shows, Cancels The Punisher And Jessica Jones
Netflix makes another Thanos snap and kills off its last Marvel content
Nikolina Skoric