Middle East

Words From A War Photographer Who Covered 30 Years Of Unrest In the Middle East
Photographer Patrick Baz has covered Middle Eastern conflict, experiencing life, death and PTSD in the process
The Greatest Zaha Hadid Buildings of All-Time
On the second anniversary of her passing, we look at the most awe-inspiring examples of modern architecture from the Iraqi-British architect
Hannah Martin
Wonho Chung Is Minding His Language
Wonho Chung is a stand-up comedian of Korean and Vietnamese descent. He has a Jordanian passport, plays bilingual sets and is beloved in the Middle East. Nobody ever said the life of a comic in this part of the would be straight forward
Five Of The Finest Golf Courses In The Middle East
Love it or not – and we advocate love – golf is the sport that comes closest to bringing man to a moment of Zen. Happily, the Middle East has some of the best courses in the galaxy. Allow us to reintroduce you to the local links most worthy of your tee time
Shalaka Paradkar