Peaky Blinders

PSA: Cillian Murphy, The Man Who Plays Tommy Shelby Himself, Hates That Damn Hair Cut
You only need to walk down the street to see just how popular the ‘Peaky Blinders’ haircut is. While it’s clear a large majority are fans of the style, just don’t ask the man who plays the leading character what he thinks about the cut
How To Get The Peaky Blinders Haircut
Peaky Blinders is full of nothing short of sartorial excellence, full of characters who dress with panache in rural dandy attire and sporting cool, wearable hairstyles. Here we roundup the best-groomed Peaky Blinders characters from series one to five, and tell you how to emulate their iconic haircuts
Carlotta Constant, Eleanor Davies
Peaky Blinders Series Six Is Shooting Next Year
GQ speaks to series five's director, Anthony Byrne, to find out what's in store for Tommy Shelby as he plans for the show's sixth series
The First Peaky Blinders Trailer Has Arrived: Here's Everything We Know So Far
With Shelby clan soon to be back for another wild ride, Steven Knight has also confirmed that two more seasons are set to follow the show's fifth outing
The Definitive Peaky Blinders Character Rankings
This one shouldn't cause any arguments at all...