TAG Heuer

The TAG Heuer Monaco: The Story Behind The World’s Most Iconic (Square) Watch
One of the world’s most recognisable watches, the Tag Heuer Monaco, is now 50. As the Monaco Grand Prix gets under starter’s orders this weekend, we take a more detailed look at this iconic watch, the only watch that’s hip to be square
Jonathan Heaf
The New TAG Heuer Autavia Is A Baselworld Big-Hitter
Three months after launching its exciting new Nanograph carbon-composite technology in an all-new Carrera, TAG Heuer announces an entire line featuring the cutting-edge technology. Named for the iconic automotive chronograph the Autavia, it features five iterations and a further two in bronze. What's more, Patrick Dempsey is back behind the wheel to publicise it...
Bill Prince
A Tourbillon Ups The Value Of A Watch Exponentially. So What Is It?
The ultra-complicated part was originally built to fight gravity. Now, it’s extremely valuable proof a watch is special
Cam Wolf
Best Men's Dive Watches For Taking A Plunge
It's time to invest in a fully submersible dive watch. Why? Because the watch industry is spoiling us with a flotilla of fit-for-purpose timepieces that will stand the test of water (and much, much more)
Teo Van den Broeke